This workshop provides the two most important things in life; hands-on film skills and relationships.

His Logline of the experience:
Leary film teachers from across the country embark on a journey to make a short film as they learn more than they thought they ever would.

As promised, this experience was a whirlwind of knowledge; insight from the industry, and just crazy exciting. I never had so much fun in a workshop; I met wonderful people who I will network with from now on.

A fun and good introduction to the complexity of the film industry. Who would have known the depth of the business? Fletch & Chet have lived it and share their experience in this hands-on workshop. A must for anyone who teaches film or video.

Opportunity of a lifetime, film school like no other, I learned more in one week than I thought possible about the art of filmmaking. Highly recommend this experience to any educator wanting to take their programs to the next level.

The Sneak On The Lot summer workshop was an unbelievable experience that every video production teacher should participate in. “It all starts with the script!” …and great producers!

Fletch & Chet showed how a film is constructed from an abstract idea to finished product.  I compare this to construction of a building.  This workshop showed, and allowed us to participate in every step of the construction.  As a teacher, I can truly appreciate what steps I need to teach my students. Preproduction is the foundation of a beautiful film.

This is a one-of-a-kind workshop that enables both teachers and students to observe, learn from and participate in a professional production. This is an opportunity to ask all of those…

“The total immersion in the process of filmmaking was a life changing experience. It has infused my passion for teaching this incredibly complex and all inclusive medium for artistic expression.”

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