My students and I are excited about the Sneak On The Lot curriculum and video projects we plan to undertake this year.
The Sneak On The Lot summer workshop training has made video come to life for me and my students!!
Thank you for providing such a great Learning Experience!!

We just held our Film Festival in front of 250 people from the local community – thanks for a wonderful curriculum.

Our program has won double digit awards in our region and state for our film program. We crank out approx 6 short 5-30 minute films every 6 six weeks. So thank you for all the opportunities you guys give us!

I had an absolutely fabulous time and the experience will be invaluable to my teaching. The exposure we received on an actual set and the knowledge gained in talking with professionals gives us a foundation with which to build our lessons.

In 19 years of teaching film and multimedia, I have never seen a simple curriculum that can compare to Sneak On The Lot.

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