Steve New

There were so many elements of this week that were so amazing it’s hard to pick a favorite part but I would have to say that the production day was…

Man, listen, I’m still sharing my summer workshop experience with my students and colleagues! The camp was awesome, and I really appreciate the opportunity you gave me to get me there. You guys are awesome!

The experiences that I had at the Sneak On The Lot Workshop gave me such a richer knowledge of the industry. From scriptwriting to editing, I feel like I have much more to offer my students. I have never learned so much while having so much fun! Thanks Guys! You’re the best.

Go! It’s an incredible workshop where you have the opportunity to learn as much as you desire from true industry professionals who are willing to share their knowledge with beginners.

The Sneak On The Lot experience was an outstanding, eye opening experience that I will take back to the classroom with excitement.

Don Goble

Once we became introduced to Sneak On The Lot, we knew we had a partner for life. So during the past 2 years, over 40 Ladue High School students have taken part in the curriculum. Without a doubt, Sneak On The Lot has helped boost interest in our program, educated our film students immensely, and student interest in our film classes is at an all-time high!

I have 3 Seniors who just graduated and will be attending film school in the fall. Sneak On The Lot was a MAIN component of their successful admission into their chosen colleges

Thanks so much for your time, guidance, and encouragement. I think I speak for all the teachers and students who will be involved with the Sneak On The Lot courses, in that this will be a fantastic experience.

The support and cooperation I received from Sneak On The Lot was tremendous. Whether on the phone or through email my questions were quickly answered in a professional way.
The people at Sneak On The Lot truly want the interface to work for you and to help you in your classroom. I can’t say enough about Chet Thomas and his personal interest in making sure I succeed with the delivery of the content of the curriculum. Two thumbs up Sneak On The Lot!

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